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Why should you “run” in the Redlands Chamber NIGHT LIGHT 5K RUN? For your passion, for the heat of competition? NOPE! To set a personal best and, perhaps, snag an age group medal? NOPE! Is it for the ill-fitting t-shirt (the necks are never big enough!), bottled water and orange slices that come with the entry fee? NEVER!!!!! It’s because it’s fun!! And who doesn’t want an excuse to party.


If you didn’t run, walk, crawl or meander in last year’s race, you’re probably asking yourself…”What the heck is a Night Light Run??? And why should I run in a Night Light Run… and what should I do to train for a Night Light Run…. And do I need to buy special gear for a Night Light Run….. can my grandma run with me in the Night Light Run??????”
Well here are the brilliant answers to those questions and others that are asked over and over.